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Monday, October 09, 2006

Page Me!

Page Me! Page Me!

I think it’s time for some
new legislation.
I think I’d better write
a letter to the nation
‘bout sexual congress
and intimate evasion.
It’s time to get right —
Get real! (Get real!!)

Now I’m not talkin’ ‘bout
your personal persuasion.
Straight / gay / anyway
You play in your relation.
The Ship of State is such
a great prevarication.
I’m telling you how I feel.
Here’s my position: it’s a whole new deal!

Page me. Page me!
Anytime you want to.
Page me! Page me!!
I hope it doesn’t haunt you.
Your online life is comin’
back around to you.
I don’t know why — ?
You think I wanna do you. (var. You think I wanna. Do you?)

Page me! Page me!!
Any time you want to.
Reach out ‘n touch me/text me —
You wanna get next to me.
You’ve got the power.
Well, more power to you.
Your time is coming
and now I’m gonna do you... IN!

Things aren’t the way they’ve been —
You’ll get yours in the end.
Just let justice win.
Just let Justice WIN!

Music & Lyrics by Alan DeValle
Arrangement, Guitar and Vocals by Mark Hervey
Comments by Brian Ross, Terry Moran and Mark Foley


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