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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rita - Between the Star and Stone

Rita - Between the Star and Stone

A Musical Drama based on the life of

Rita Hayworth

A work in progress

Music and Lyrics by
Alan DeValle

Book by
Alan DeValle and ...

We already have a treatment for this play, but we are looking for a person to help co-write this project. If you have some experience writing scripts and are interested in a biographical musical about a great icon of the 40's and 50's, please e-mail us.


click here to hear one of the songs of the play:
"Por Un Poco De Café"

Por Un Poco De Café

Por un poco de café
.... ....
Cupped in clay and warmed in
silence -
we could say the words we need
to say
and maybe stop the hurting
this way.

Por un poco de tiempo
(a little time)
find the whisper in this
we could surely turn this
into a lovely

Who knows why we laugh?
We do.
Who knows why we live?
We do. --
Who knows why we love?
Do you?
These are just the questions.
.... ....

Por un poco de amor -
(a little love)
We would surely give a lifetime.
.... ....
There's no wrong, and there's no right time
.... ....
to come and give your heart's heart

What are you waiting for?

Por un poco de amor...
Por un poco de tiempo...
Por un poco de café.

© Copyright by Alan DeValle, 1995. All rights reserved.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Page Me!

Page Me! Page Me!

I think it’s time for some
new legislation.
I think I’d better write
a letter to the nation
‘bout sexual congress
and intimate evasion.
It’s time to get right —
Get real! (Get real!!)

Now I’m not talkin’ ‘bout
your personal persuasion.
Straight / gay / anyway
You play in your relation.
The Ship of State is such
a great prevarication.
I’m telling you how I feel.
Here’s my position: it’s a whole new deal!

Page me. Page me!
Anytime you want to.
Page me! Page me!!
I hope it doesn’t haunt you.
Your online life is comin’
back around to you.
I don’t know why — ?
You think I wanna do you. (var. You think I wanna. Do you?)

Page me! Page me!!
Any time you want to.
Reach out ‘n touch me/text me —
You wanna get next to me.
You’ve got the power.
Well, more power to you.
Your time is coming
and now I’m gonna do you... IN!

Things aren’t the way they’ve been —
You’ll get yours in the end.
Just let justice win.
Just let Justice WIN!

Music & Lyrics by Alan DeValle
Arrangement, Guitar and Vocals by Mark Hervey
Comments by Brian Ross, Terry Moran and Mark Foley

Mississippi Wind

Mississippi Wind

Home to the place
Where old times are not forgotten
There is a tree
Whose roots grow deep within me
Love is a dream
Some dreams are forever —
Time casts its blossoms
Through the wind — oh...

Mississippi Wind
Blowin’ through my memory
Rock my cradle gently now
take me back again,
I am but a child
a child of your destiny.
Bring out the best in me,
let me be your friend.

Mississippi Wind
may all your daughters sing your harmony
and may all your roads bring thee
an army of men
(brave) soldiers of the heart
come to raise a flag of tenderness.
Surely mercy will follow
and love will never end.

Some dreams are forever
I know, Mississippi Wind.

Carry The Day!

Click here to hear 'Carry-the-Day!'
Carry the Day!

If you're still looking and you're still longing
for a way to find your way —
to do your part with all your heart for America.
The time is now, the place is here.
The call is Oh so clear.
One voice, one vote, one choice.
A brand new dawn.
Carry the day!

Carry the day all the way.
New fires glowing- shining through.
Connect the dots, connect the date.
It's not too late- together
me and you.
And "We The People II"
We shall carry the day.
We shall "Carry The Day!"

The stars are burning 'n the world is turning
in it's deepest dreams tonight.
Hopes and fears, prayers and tears -
Where freedom reigns the truth remains:
a chance to choose to change.
"One vote, one voice, one choice."
Move on!

Carry the day all the way.
New fires growing- shining through.
Connect the dots, connect the date.
It's not too late- together
me and you.
And "We The People II"
We shall carry the day.
We shall "Carry The Day!"


© Copyright 2004 by Alan DeValle

A chance to choose to change